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Agro-Consumer Services - Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission
Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission

In 1982 the Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission (LACC) was established as the successor of the State Warehouse Commission. LACC is comprised of ten members, nine of which are nominated by various industries and appointed by the Commissioner.  The tenth member is the Commissioner. LACC is charged with the responsibilities of regulating warehouses, cotton merchants, and grain dealers doing business in Louisiana. The commodities which the commission regulates are:






Grain Sorghum





* Also, any other agricultural commodity which the commission declares to be a commodity. 

Prior to issuing licenses the LACC requires a financial statement, proof of provisional stock insurance, a bond to provide for monetary security and other support documents presented to the commission. All financial statements are carefully reviewed for financial stability to assure the Louisiana farmer payment for his product. LACC issues three types of licenses in accordance with Louisiana law. A warehouse license is issued to a person or entity operating a warehouse in which agricultural commodities are stored for the public for a fee. A cotton merchant license is issued to a person or entity that purchases or contracts to purchase cotton grown by farmers in the state. A grain dealer license is issued to a person or entity that purchases agricultural commodities from Louisiana farmers or represents Louisiana farmers in the sale of agricultural commodities.


Grain Inspections and Grading


Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission Law (RS 3:3401-3425) 

Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission Rules 
(La. Administrative Code Title 7 Part XXVII. Agricultural Commodity Dealer and Warehouse Law)
Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission Self Insurance Fund Rules 
(La. Administrative Code Title 37 Part IX. Agricultural Commodities Self Insurance Fund)  

Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission Meeting Minutes
  LACC meeting minutes may be found at the Division of Administration's website
(R.S. 24:513.2 requires the Legislative Auditor to establish and maintain a comprehensive computerized information system on all state boards, commissions, and like entities.)     

 LACC Licensed Warhouses
 LACC Licensed Cotton Merchants
 LACC Licensed Grain Dealers


Kyra Holden
Louisiana Agricultural Commodities Commission






Mailing Address
P.O. Box 3098
Baton Rouge, LA  70821-3098

Phone: 225-922-1341
Fax: 225-923-4877



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